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Talks - 2020

'The word of God is living and active' says Hebrews 4:12. We believe that the Bible is the way God speaks and when we listen, he is able to work his power in our lives, through his Holy Spirit. It is a book that is all about Jesus and when we open it, we are reading far more than an old history book. We are meeting with the Living God.

We hope that these resources are of use to you, whether you are a follower of Jesus, or simply wanting to find out more. These talks have mostly been recorded in our Sunday Services, but you will also find some from other events. In our Bible talks, the speakers aim to be 'expository'. That is, we aim to uncover what it is that the Bible is saying for itself. We then work hard at applying what we find to our everyday lives, as best we can. In our regular All Age talks, we aim to use an interactive style of learning that suits all ages.

The talks listed below have been recorded since the start of the year. Talks recorded in previous years are accessible using the links on the left.

We are currently in the process of uploading sermons from our archive, which can be found at; more will be available over time.

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  Holy Communion Morning Service Bitesize Bible
15th March   1 Corinthians 12:1 - 11
Glynn Jones
The Big Hitters of History
Fergus Pearson
8th March   Titus 3:3 - 8
Fergus Pearson
The Big Hitters of History
Martin Luther vs The Diet of Worms
Fergus Pearson
1st March   Isaiah 63:7 - 14,John 14:15 - 19
Fergus Pearson
Famous Heavyweight Contests
Pelagius the British Challenger vs The Great Augustine
Fergus Pearson
23rd February   2 Peter 1:19 -21
Simon Walker
Psalm 19:1 - 14
Fergus Pearson
16th February Luke 3:21 - 22,4:1 - 2,14 - 21
Simon Walker
  Famous Heavyweight Contests
Arius the Heretic vs Athanasius "Against the World"
Ben Naylor
9th February   Psalm 33:1 - 22
Fergus Pearson
Famous Heavyweight Contests
Justin Martyr vs Trypho the Hebrew
Fergus Pearson
2nd February   Matthew 28:16 - 20
John 15:1 - 7
Simon Walker
The Ten Commandments
10thC:I gave you myself
Stephen Jackson
26th January   Hebrews 11:13 - 16
Galations 3:15 - 18
Trevor Baker
19th January Matthew 9:9 - 13
Joe Pearson
  The Ten Commandments
9thC:Love your neighbour
Fergus Pearson
12th January     The Ten Commandments
8thC:It's my property
Nigel Gillson
5th January Matthew 5:1 - 12
Simon Walker
  The Ten Commandments
7thC:I gave you your wife
Simon Walker
Matthew Last, 27/10/2020

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